Favorite Cooking Gear for the Road

Being vegan, having access to cooking gear is preferable. Say you are in Asia, eating fried rice every day is fine, yes. I loved the local foods, but sometimes you just crave some western food and you can’t bring yourself to pay $12 USD for an extra small portion of pasta when you can get a large fried rice for $2 USD. 

If you have a similar feeling, love to cook your own food, or do a lot of long term hiking or camping, I would consider buying cooking gear.

Here are some of our favorite supplies:

Our Cooking Gear. Gas Canister, Stove, Pots/Bowls/Cups, and Windbreak

Our Cooking Gear. Gas Canister, Stove, Pots/Bowls/Cups, and Windbreak

Cooking Pots, Bowls, and Cups

Sea to Summit X-Set 31 Cookset

Check out the Set Here

Currently this set is $110 USD

This a collapsible set including 1 large pot, 2 bowls, and 2 cups. All items are made from a flexible silicone. The pot has a metal base designed for cooking on the stove.

This cooking set has become our favorite to use because of its small size and that it has the perfect amount of gear for 2 people.

Aluminum Pots

There are many different brands of camping pots that are similar to these. We used these aluminum pots for years before the collapsible set came out and they are great as well! The downside to these pots are that they take up space! Upside, they are cheap! I have seen them on ebay for as cheap as $10 USD. Amazon has brand new ones as well for cheap and in various sizes.

Click here to check them out on Amazon

Most sets include one large one and one small one.



MSR PocketRocket

The MSR PocketRocket is our favorite backpacking stove. It is collapsible and very small. The stove is about $45 USD and can last a lifetime!

Check out the PocketRocket Here!

We had a MSR PocketRocket Screwtop Stove. Throughout our travels the threads on the PocketRocket started to wear out (our fault because we were trying to put the wrong type of screw on canister). Besides the fact we were slowly breaking it, it lasted 7 years, it can last a lifetime! We bought a new one in Asia and it works well, but it is not as great as the PocketRocket! 


Primus OmniFuel

Stove and Bottle

Stove and Bottle

I have personally never used an OmniFuel stove/bottle. However, before I go to Asia again I will be highly considering it. The OmniFuel Bottle can “be used with virtually any kind of fuel, including gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin – even aviation fuel.” (http://www.primus.eu/omnifuel) This is a great stove/bottle if you are traveling somewhere where buying gas canisters can be difficult. With this bottle you can fill it up at any petrol station and you are good to go!

Check the Primus Stove out Here


Companion Pro Nano Windshield

There are various Windshields / Windbreaks around camping stores. We personally have the Companion Windshield and love it. It keeps the heat from the stove contained in one area and keeps the fire lit when there is wind.

Check out the Windbreak Here

Lifeventure Titanium Fork Spoon

This spork will last you a lifetime! It is made from strong titanium, and has a carabiner feature on the back end. The spork is about $12 USD. Matt currently uses this spork and has for the last 8 years!

Check out the Spork Here

Sea to Summit “Delta” Spork

X001The Delta Spork is another spork that can potentially last a lifetime. The spork has a “spreader” knife on the back handle. I was a bit concerned about the knife at first, but you eat with it you don’t even notice it is there. I have used it to cut mangos and other soft fruit, and use it daily to spread avocado and other various things on bread or crackers!

Check out the Spork Here



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