Easy Vegan Cooking in South East Asia

Why bother cooking your own food?

Yes, Yes, I know eating in South East Asia is cheap. Matt and I have been told we are crazy for cooking our own food. BUT, being vegan we found ourselves eating the same foods over and over. (fried rice, fried vegetables, and spring rolls) We wanted some western food and we also wanted bigger portions than many street food venders or restaurants would provide.

Where we found the cheapest food

We could always find a supermarket a bus ride away in major cities, and a lot of small shops in the city. We definitely found it cheapest to take a bus and stalk up on a few foods in a large supermarket. Our favorite supermarkets were ‘Big C’ and ‘Lotte’.┬áThe main foods we would buy in supermarkets were: Spaghetti and canned beans and corn. While in the city we would buy rice and lentils at a bulk shop usually in a ‘Little India’ area. As far as fruit and vegetables, it is cheapest to buy them from street vendors in the city.







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