Escaping the City Life in Kuala Lumpur.

Friendly monkeys, playgrounds, waterfalls, and lakes!

January 18, 2017

Kuala  Lumpur is a busy and famous Malaysian city. Yes it is wonderful to explore and shop, but what if you need some peace and quiet? A place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Look no further than the Botanical Gardens. It is a walk or train ride away!

The botanical garden is a FREE place to visit. It is a large section of the city dedicated to parks, gardens, walking and running trails, a lake, and a bird and butterfly park. It is a great area to visit if you want some quiet because it is not very populated. In the 4-5 hours we were visiting we saw about 5 people total.

While we were visiting the botanical garden we decided against visiting the bird and butterfly park, reason 1: we are vegan and do not necessarily support these kind of parks, and reason 2: It cost money!! We are very VERY frugal travelers and the animal parks were not something we wanted to spend money on. However, there are plenty of things to do and places to see in the park that do not involve money! There are many playgrounds (which I, Kylie, enjoyed too much for my age), various gardens, interesting building and statues, and the lake.

The playgrounds were well built, clean, and each had different themes. My favorite park was the Dinosaur park. While the park had all the typical slides, swings, and monkey bars it also had huge bushes shaped as different Dinosaurs! Other parks had themes like the Castle park and Bamboo playhouse, or identifying features such as the zip line, football field, and athletic equipment for adult.

Other features of the botanical garden include the lake which is wonderful to have a walk or paddle boat around, small waterfalls, many statues and mini world landmarks such as a mini Stonehenge and many gardens. My favorite gardens were the Hibiscus and Orchid garden and the Herb and Medicinal garden. They were both beautiful and educational.

When we were leaving the garden we saw some monkeys wandering around the bird exhibit. We decided to follow them and when we turned a corned we found about 30-40 monkeys hanging around on the street! They were cautious and began to run away at first. But we quickly saw that we were not alone. We met a German man who was relaxing on a bench on the street. He had a bag of peanuts he was giving to the monkeys. He said he has been coming to the park once a week for the last 3 years to give the monkeys a little treat. He gave us some peanuts to hand feed the monkeys. It was a wonderful experience and the monkeys actually friendly! (as opposed to the crazy monkeys that steal all your belongings) I can not promise you will see these beautiful animals, but if you want to try your luck go to the Bird Park Exhibit and maybe take a few nuts!

Walking around the botanical garden is an adventure itself because of its large scale. You are destined to get lost at some point. I know we did, so much so that it was a bit confusing how to exit where we came in from. Don’t get me wrong, the park is filled with signs and arrows pointing you the right directions, but it is BIG! My tip for you would be to pick a landmark to enter and exit from so you can follow the signs to a specific area.

Map of the Botanical Garden


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